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7 steps for manifesting your hearts desires.

  Copyright Netherlands 
March 2004.
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I offer this as a tool for manifesting 
anything your heart desires. 


This gift has been given by Spirit to assist all who are being guided to it, bringing them to the level of understanding that you "ARE" the Creator of your own reality. The more we can share this with others around the world, the more it will assist in raising the collective consciousness. The excitement created because it "DOES" work will greatly enhance that process. 

This is a journey of discovering who and what we truly are, discovering our inner abilities to create and manifest our hearts desires into reality and our daily lives. I feel that this will take you on a magical journey of discovery, discovering and triggering memories from within. We all possess this knowledge in our (DNA) Blueprints, it is simply a matter of remembering. I understand that this will be a unique journey for each and every one of us. We are all unique in our thought patterns and understanding or even our perceptions and attachments to certain words. In my own experience with this, I have tweaked and altered the main statements until I had achieved complete clarity. I found that from the very beginning wonderful things started to happen around me, bringing magical synchronicities in a continual flow onto my path.  To increase the value to the collective consciousness, I request all assistance you can provide and help in any way you can to spread this message.


The Seven steps are:

1. Communicate on a level par....
2. Go into equal partnership....
3. Place no limits on outcomes...
4. Watch out for the syncs.....
5. Act upon them....
6. Talk to yourself....
7. Trust....


The Seven steps with additional guidelines.

1. Communicate on a level par.
We have now reached a stage in our evolution that we no longer look up to the God/Creator, Masters or Angelic energies. Gone are the times we place those energies on a pedestal or view them as some kind of super beings. We have raised our vibrations and levels of awareness to such an extent, we are all realizing that "WE" are those energies and we posses those same abilities. The only difference being is that we function from within Linear time and they from within circular time. 
Make YOUR statement! (example!)
Higher (Partner) self! I acknowledge entering into an equal partnership with you so that we can co-create together on this side of the veil, manifesting and bringing into reality (in balance) the potentials as seen from the other side.

2. Go into partnership.
Now make your request! Stating your hearts desire. 
A gentle word of guidance here. Practice writing it down on a separate piece of paper before you add it to these seven steps, making certain your statement is in total clarity. Allow yourself the time and think about what you have written. Is it possible that it could be interpreted in another manner? Is it possible that you have left it open to a different interpretation? Remember! Universal law states "You get what you ask for". So please do make sure you are making your statement in TOTAL clarity!

Here are a couple of my own personal examples. Hopefully they will stimulate you and provide you with food for thought/ideas. OPOM = Other Parts Of Me, which they essentially are as they are indeed an extension of your whole.

1. OPOM, it is my heartfelt request that we work together to achieve the best possible results for the spiritual community and the signature cell healing.
It is my request that you place the synchronicities on my path that will assist in bringing all this to its highest potential. I acknowledge and accept with the same passion all forms of abundance required to achieve this
manifestation. I for my part will act upon and work with these syncs.

2. OPOM, it is my heartfelt request that we work together to attract speaking engagements in the Netherlands and around the world, that I may be invited to speak on all manner of topics.
It is also my request that where required all information be provided so I AM an empowering and inspiring example to those I reach, I remain always in balance, with the foremost wish of empowering and assisting others in their journeys and at all times in line with their I AM presence. 

I understand that some may wish to follow their passion of being artists, musicians etc. 
You may find that even though you do not consider yourself an artist, that syncs are placed on your path that will offer you the opportunity to develop those skills.

3. Place no limits on outcomes.
Knowing that we are working from behind this side of the veils, we mostly do not see all of the potential outcomes that our partners do on the other side. It is therefore recommended that you do not place outcomes, conditions or any limiting factors in your requests. Allow them to place the syncs on your paths. Love yourselves enough to travel the journey. Love yourselves enough to have the patience. Love yourselves enough to see and understand what is being placed in front of you.
What do I mean by placing limits? EXAMPLE!
If the energies you are wishing to attract are of a financial nature? Remember! Money is also simply a form of energy. Do not place specific amounts. Simply make a statement on what it is you require and allow your higher (partner) self  to find the best way to create that for you, all in accordance with your own divine plan/contract. You might be surprised at the way the manifestations take place. It might not be in the form of money. Having said that, know and trust that the manifestations "WILL" take place.

4. Watch out for the syncs.
This requires your fullest attention. It requires you to be alert to all the things happening around you. Syncs may manifest in many ways. How does this work? Through placing the request with our higher (partner) selves, after which they will then look for other higher (partner) selves that posses the skills, talents etc that are required to manifest what you are requesting. Those other energies/people will be placed on your path. Watch for them.

5. Act upon them.
Play your part in this Creation game and take action on that which is placed in front of you. You may well find that by doing so the synchronicities within the synchronicities become many fold. It has been my experience that synchronicities placed on my path often take the shape of a learning process. At the same time this will provide more synchronicities that will allow them to continue towards achieving what it is you are requesting.

6. Talk to yourself.
Channeling is such an overrated term these days. Take the time to sit and talk to yourself and feel the answers you give to yourself. If you do not get answers to your questions, don't be concerned. Try formulating the questions in a different manner. Again! Clarity is of the utmost importance here. If even after achieving total clarity you are still not receiving answers? Again, do not be concerned, see 7.

7. Trust.
Trust that whatever is being placed in front of you with regards to the synchronicities will always and inevitably lead towards the manifestation of your request.

After time and practice, you will learn to totally trust all aspects of this concept. IT WORKS. We have proved it to so many.

Statement of recognition and gratitude.
OPOM, I have witnessed many wonderful synchronicities and acted upon them. I request their continuation until we have achieved these manifestations. My heartfelt thanks to all OPOM's working together to achieve these goals.

I feel also to share with you that where you are harboring blockages or have self worth issues, you may find that those will be gently worked upon before or during your manifestations. I believe that many of us still carry these self worth issues with us. Gently work through them. I do not believe that it will disturb the pattern of synchronicities  as you make your statement to higher self, and the energies on the other side go to work on your requests. (it might alter them slightly)

Note to reader: At the time of writing/receiving these instructions "I" am not aware of the possibility of instant manifestation. I feel that this will change as I travel my journey and assist many in realizing their requests. Should that happen, I will certainly make it available.

PS: If for any reason your requests are "not" being manifested? Please contact me for an appointment. I will work with you to see where the blockages are. There will be a fee for these appointments that are scheduled per hour. Having made that statement. The fee is well worth it! Remember! These instructions are leading you to your hearts desire, be that financial, career change, seeking a partner, moving house etc.
Ian Henderson.
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Copyright Netherlands March 2004.
Terms of use: This material is copyrighted and although I ask that you the reader distribute it freely. I ask your respect and understanding that the complete document be sent including the statements at the end of the page. Nothing in this document may be altered or added to without prior agreement.